This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from LappyMarts UAE.

Product Warranty commences from the Date of the Invoice, normally for a period of 3 months unless specified otherwise.

What does this limited warranty cover?
This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period and doesn’t include any kind of external damage caused by buyer or any kind of software or OS related support. We provide NO WARRANTY on OS(Windows).

During the Warranty Period, LappyMarts UAE will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance and not due to any damage happen from customer’s end.

What will we do to correct problems?
LappyMarts UAE will either repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts.

How long does the coverage last?
The Warranty Period for Physical Goods purchased from LappyMarts UAE is normally 3 months (or whichever mentioned in description) from the date of purchase.

A replacement Physical Good or part assumes the remaining warranty of the original Physical Good or 3 months from the date of replacement or repair, whichever is longer.

What does this limited warranty not cover?
This Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by:
• Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.
• Line on LCD appears after using the laptop. Line on LCD is caused mainly due to putting pressure or load on laptop.
• Screen Bleed may not be covered if its by default in the all particular models from manufacturer.
• Upto 5 dead/stuck pixels not covered.
• Product damage caused by catastrophes, thunder stroke, faulty electric power and environmental factors.
• Unauthorized changes of non-manufacturer parts, modifications or alterations , parts removal in or to the products
• Damage caused by operator error or operator fails to comply user manual instruction, such as , but not limited to improper storage resulting in product get wet, corrosion, fell off, squeezed or exposed to inadequate temperature/humid environment.
• Accessories or packing material or accessories such as boxes, user manual, bag, headset, mouse etc.
• Any shipment charges to bring and deliver back the product.

What do you have to do?
To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. In order to contact the best option is to write an email to Lappymartshelp@gmail.com mentioning your order number so that a ticket shall be generated and matter can be dealt on priority.

P.S: Warranty will become null n void incase it’s traced out that the laptop/pc casing or screen has been opened. 

Time require to fix the product in warranty claim?
That depends upon the nature of defect. Normal minor defect can be fixed within 3-7 days whereas any major defect appear could take upto 45-60 days incase any part is not available in local market an needs to be imported from outside UAE.